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MG 665 Managerial Communication Lesson #10 Assignment #1 Study the case, "Reed-Watkins Pharmaceuticals" on pages 193-196 of the text Management Communication: Principles and Practice (3rd Edition). Answer the following questions concerning the case "Reed-Watkins Pharmaceuticals." Your response should be both thorough and succinct; be sure to use correct spelling and grammar. 1. Evaluate Kirk’s letter of 5 March 2000. What message does it send? How well has he considered the different segments of his audience? What expectations did he raise? This was a poorly written memo for both its content and its grammar. I agree with the assignment in that he went into specifics without laying a foundation first. Thus he did indeed confuse his audience. His memo sends a message that he does have a commitment to diversity at Reed-Watkins, but he does not have a clear plan on how to obtain it. While he mentions that he cannot cover everything in a brief memo, he should be able to provide some clarification as to why the memo came about and what the “Diversity Initiative” is all about for those newcomers to the organization. I concur that by reversing the order of his ideas, it would have been much clearer and
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MG665L10A1 - MG 665 Managerial Communication Lesson#10...

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