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MG655 Managerial Communication Lesson #4 Assignment #3 Study the case, "McGregor’s Ltd. Department Store" on pages 81-85 of the text Management Communication: Principles and Practice (3rd Edition). 1. Once McGregor has chosen his arguments, what structure will work best in this situation? One-sided or two-sided? Tell or sell? Given, since, therefore? Recommendations, rationale, implementation? Storytelling? Mr. McGregor needs to persuade his buyers and executives to embrace the new employee discount structure. They will likely be a hostile audience. On the other hand, the cleaners and sales staff will be getting a greater benefit, so they will be receptive to the changes. He would be wise to use a two-sided argument in order to anticipate the counterarguments and concerns of the executive audience. Since the remainder of the employees would have increased discounts, a tell-or-sell approach may be all that is necessary. He should consider a given, since, therefore approach for his executives as well in order to present information and allow persuasion of his audience. They may not be so easily persuaded however. He would likely do better with an ascending, con-pro ordering of his arguments and an inductive approach. 2. In arriving at his decision to modify the discount program, McGregor considered many arguments in its favor. Identify his arguments with a suitable key word. Which seem most cogent and persuasive to you? McGregor’s arguments were all in favor of trying to remain competitive and successful in retail by becoming more up-to-date. He was concerned about bringing in younger
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MG655L4A3 - MG655 Managerial Communication Lesson#4...

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