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Questions from Golden Buddha What is meant by “an actor must become a lover of paradise”? – Ch. 1 pgs. 18-23 What is the author’s view on acting at its best? When is acting at its best? – Ch. 1 at the end What is the author’s perspective on shamans? What is a shaman? How does it relate to acting? What schools of thought does the author give that display shamanistic practices? – Ch. 2 What is the definitive beginning of western acting? Who stumbled upon it? – Ch. 2 pgs. 28-35 What is meant by mystery schools? – Ch. 2
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Unformatted text preview: Who is Stanislavski? What is his contribution to the field of acting? Ch. 3 Who is Gurdjiff? What is his contribution to the field of acting? Ch. 3 What are circles of concentration? How are they different on the stage and how are they different in film? Ch. 3 What is narcissism? Ch. 4 What is the Tao of acting? Ch. 5 Bonus Question from Ch. 6 What is wave energy? Ch. 7 Who is E.J. Gold? Ch. 7...
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