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Tallahassee, FL COURSE SYLLABUS (STA 2023) Course Number : 2023 Course : STA Credits : 3 Title : Clock Hours per Week : Lecture 3 hours Department : Mathematics College : Prerequisites : MAC 1105 or MAC 1147 Required Textbook : Michael Sullivan III, Fundamentals of Statistics , Third edition, Prentice Hall Faculty Name : Jaime Frade Email : (BEST CONTACT) Term and Year : SPRING 2011 Office Location : Jackson davis Hall Office Phone : (850) 599-3755 Office Hours : 6 :15-6 :45pm (in-class or office) Course ID (CourseCompass) : frade33994 CourseCompass URL : Blackboard URL : Course Discription       Chapter 1 . Introduction to statistics Chapter 2. Organizing and Summarizing Data Chapter 3. Numerically summarizing data Chapter 4. Correlation; The relation between two variables Chapter 5. Probability Chapter 6. Discrete probability distributions Chapter 7. The normal probability distribution Chapter 8. Sampling distributions Chapter 9. Using confidence intervals Chapter 10. Hypothesis tests about population means and proportions Chapter 12. Goodness of fit tests and tests of independence Policy Statement on Non-Discrimination It is the policy of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University to assure that each member of the University community be permitted to work or attend classes in an environment free from any form of discrimination including race, religion, color, age, disability, sex, marital status, national origin, veteran status and sexual harassment as prohibited by state and federal statutes. This shall include applicants for admission to the University and employment.
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ADA Compliance To comply with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), please advice instructor of accommodations required to insure participation in this course. Documentation of disability is required and should be submitted to the Learning   Development and Evaluation Center (LDEC). For additional information please contact the LDEC at (850) 599-3180. Goals of the course 1. Define and use a random sample from a population 2. Define and use sample and population mean, median, variance and standard deviation, 3. Use Chebyshev’s theorem 4. Calculate probability 5. Use discrete random variable and their probability distributions 6. Use the normal distribution 7. Use the normal approximation to the Binomial distribution 8. Distinguish between sampling and non-sampling errors 9. Use and apply sampling distributions of the sample mean and proportion 10. Use and apply the central limit theorem 11. Use confidence intervals for population parameters 12. Test hypotheses about the a population mean and proportion 13. Use and apply Student’s t distribution 14. Use and apply the Chi-Square distribution 15. Use Goodness-of-Fit tests, Contingency Tables and Test of Independence 16. Make Inferences about a population variance
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Statistics - FloridaA&MUniversity Tallahassee,FL Course...

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