Contracts 2 Syllabus

Contracts 2 Syllabus - CONTRACTS II LAW 5001-02 SYLLABUS...

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CONTRACTS II LAW 5001-02 SYLLABUS Spring Semester, 2010 Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:30 a.m. – 10:25 a.m., Room 102 Prof. Amelia Smith Rinehart Room 317, B. K. Roberts Hall (e) (v) 850 644 5701 Course Objectives and Focus : The five credit hour sequence of Contracts I and II provides an introduction to the basic foundations of forcibility of contractual arrangements: formation, performance, breach and damages, rights of third parties, conditions, Statute of Frauds, and assignments. Inquiry is made into the historical developments of contract law and nineteenth- century notions of the doctrine of consideration in light of developing twentieth-century concepts and alterations. Economic aspects of the subject are considered along with modern statutory developments, including the Uniform Commercial Code. A primary objective of this course is for students to develop a pattern of analysis and expression central to their work as lawyers. Now that you have learned the formation of contracts, this semester you will learn and understand how contracts operate, including repudiation and remedies. You will continue your application of legal reasoning in the context of cases. Of course, throughout you should be thinking like a lawyer. Required Texts : P ROBLEMS IN C ONTRACT L AW : C ASES AND M ATERIALS , Charles L. Knapp, et al., (Aspen Publishers) (6th ed.) (“Knapp”); and C ONTRACTS L AW : S ELECTED S OURCE M ATERIALS , Steven J. Burton & Melvin A. Eisenberg ed. (Thomson West) (2009) (“Supp.”). I also recommend C ONTRACTS , E. Allan Farnsworth (Aspen Publishers) (4th ed.) as a general
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Contracts 2 Syllabus - CONTRACTS II LAW 5001-02 SYLLABUS...

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