AEB 3143 – Agricultural Finance

AEB 3143 – Agricultural Finance - AEB 3143...

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AEB 3143 – Agricultural Finance Financial Analysis & Control o Job as a manager is to analyze the statements o This will be our focus in this section The Financial Control Process o Note that financial accounting systems provides information that can be used to generate the financial statements o Financial Statements along with other information can be The Steps of Control Process o Identify goals o Develop measure for the goals o Determine norms of the measure Characteristics of Goal Measures o Meaningfulness Refers to how well the measure actually reflect the stipulated goals o Manageability Refers to the ease of computation, the ease of comprehension, and the number of measure involved The Tools of Financial Analysis: o Many tools of analysis are available o The choice of tools depends on: The objectibes of the users of the information The goals of the analysis o There are 4 Primary Tools of Financial Analysis to be discussed in this course: Comparative Financial Statements
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AEB 3143 – Agricultural Finance - AEB 3143...

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