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Principles of Management Notes - Chapter 8 Managing the...

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Chapter 8: Managing the Diverse Workforce Managing Diversity – Involves, first, such basic activities as recruiting, training, promoting, & utilizing to full advantage individuals with different backgrounds, beliefs, capabilities, & cultures. o It also means understanding & deeply valuing employee differences to build a more effective & profitable organization. LO1: How do changes in the U.S. workforce make diversity a critical organizational Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision in 1954 declared segregation unconstitutional, setting the stage for laws including the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Today, nearly half of the U.S. workforce consists of women, 14% of U.S. workers identify themselves as Hispanic or Latino, & 11% are black. One- third of all businesses in the U.S. are owned by women, employing about 20% of America’s workers. Two-thirds of all global migration is into the United States. Companies are recognizing that accommodating employees’ differences pays off in the business. Managers are also realizing that their customers are becoming increasingly diverse, so retaining a diversified workforce can provide a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace. Diversity differences include religious affiliation, age, disability, status, military experience, sexual orientation, economic class, educational level, & lifestyle, as well as gender, race, ethnicity, & nationality. Thus, managing diversity may seem to be a contradiction. It means being acutely aware of characteristics common to a group of employees, while also managing these employees as individuals. Managing diversity means not just tolerating or accommodating al sorts of differences to the organization’s advantage. One of the most important developments in the U.S. labor market has been the growing number of women working outside the home: o Women make up about 46% of the workforce. o
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Principles of Management Notes - Chapter 8 Managing the...

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