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Final Study Guide COM 436 Crafting Images: Media and Empathy How is a cultural other crafted? What are the implications of the crafting processes? What is media amplification? How does media amplification relate to associative circulations? What is the result if being a central media figure? A peripheral media figure? What is Calloway-Thomas’ central argument in this chapter? Do you agree or disagree with her?
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Cultural space : the particular configuration of the communication that constructs meanings of various places Relational messages : messages (verbal and non-verbal) that communicate how we feel about others Status : the relative position an individual holds in social or organization settings Deception : the act of making someone believe what is not true Expectancy violation theory : the vie that when someone’s non-verbal behavior violates our expectations, these violations will be perceived positively or negatively depending on the specific context and behavior Facial expressions : facial gestures that convey emotions and attitudes Contact cultures : cultural groups in which people tend to stand close together and touch frequently when they interact- for example cultural groups in S. America, the Middle East, and southern Europe Noncontact cultures : cultural groups in which people tend to maintain more space and touch less often than people do in contact cultures- for example Great Britain and Japan Eye contact : a nonverbal code, eye gaze, that communicates meanings about respect and status and often regulates turn-taking during interactions Paralinguistics : the study of vocal behaviors include voice qualities and vocalization Voice qualities : the “music” of the human voice, including speed, pitch, rhythm, vocal range, and articulation Vocalizations : the sounds we utter that do not have the structure if language Chronemics : the concept of time and the rules that govern its use Monochromic : an orientation to time that assumes it is linear and is a commodity that can be lost or gained Polychromic : an orientation to time that sees it as circular and more holistic Discrimination : behaviors resulting from stereotypes or prejudice that causes some people to be denied equal participation or rights based on cultural group membership, such as race Semiotics : the analysis of the nature of and relationship between signs Semiosis : the process of producing meaning Signs : in semiotics the meanings that emerge from the combination of the signifiers and signifieds Signifiers : in semiotics, the culturally constructed arbitrary words or symbols that people use to refer to something else Signified : in semiotics, anything that is expressed in arbitrary words or signifiers Regionalism : loyalty to a particular region that holds significant cultural meaning for that person Postmodern cultural spaces
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Final Study Guide - Final Study Guide COM 436 Crafting...

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