#3 - Writing Assignment#3 My first intercultural experience...

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Writing Assignment #3 My first intercultural experience involved going on a two week trip all around France with my high school advanced French class. I had studied French for five years and learned basic information about the culture of France before going there. Being my first major intercultural experience I was very innocent and wearied eyed. I had no idea how to act, how the people of France would act towards me, or what kinds of experiences to expect. France’s culture is so different from ours so I immediately noticed the differences. In my case, I enjoyed these differences and they made me love France’s culture. I was only there a mere two weeks so these feelings were premature. I only experienced a glimpse of the culture of France so I did not have the chance to really understand the culture in-depth. Maybe if I had gotten to know the culture a little more I would not have been as in love and filled with such envy towards French culture as I was during the trip. Another reason I reacted the way I did was because I have never heard of any thing bad about France in regards to politics, foreign policy, ect. It is not like America was in a huge war with France nor had a group of people who threatened Americans safety so my views of France were not negative. I was only immersed in the typical tourist’s aspects of France. My group and I went to wineries, castles, and historic monuments in France. Understanding a culture is not based on sightseeing but rather understanding the interactions
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#3 - Writing Assignment#3 My first intercultural experience...

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