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Written Media Report

Written Media Report - Roberts 1 Newspapers as a Medium...

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Roberts 1 Newspapers as a Medium There are many types of media today and every year that number increases with the next new invention in communication. The history of media goes back a few centuries but our society has come a long way since then. Communication media started out very basic, like the telegraph and pamphlets, but has since evolved into things like the iPad and Facebook. Newspapers are one of the earliest mediums ever created. The invention of the printing press enabled newspapers to be made. Newspapers helped connect people to the world around them by informing them on stories from other parts of the world. To explain the importance of newspapers as a medium it is important to look at the history of newspapers. The first newspaper in America was started in 1690 in Boston and was called the “Publick Occurrences.” It was destroyed soon after because it was unauthorized. The first successful newspaper was started in 1704 called the “Boston News-Letter.” In the 1720’s two more newspapers were founded in New York and Philadelphia. That number increased to around two dozen before the start of the Revolutionary War. Those newspaper articles helped shape American’s views on the war. By 1783 there were 43 newspapers in print. The ratification of the Bill of Rights in 1791 enabled freedom of the press and newspapers begin to take a vital role in national issues. By 1814 the total amount of newspapers grew to 346. Newspaper growth began to boom in the 1830’s due to advancements in papermaking and printing technology. This is the era of the “Penny Press” since newspapers became cheaper and faster to produce. The 1850 census counted 2,526 newspapers. The introduction of a larger printing press is to credit for this large number. Some models could produce ten thousand copies an hour! For the first time, illustrations were integrated into newspapers thus improving the quality of stories. Surprisingly, the Civil War played a part in newspaper advancements. The
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Roberts 2 war created a demand for journalists to cover battles in a timely fashion. These accounts are now how we remember the Civil War. They became our history and without them we would not know what happened during the Civil War. The number of newspapers rose to 11,314 in 1880. In just a mere ten years, circulation reached one million copies. It was also during this time that the modern elements of newspapers like the bold banner headlines, multiple illustrations, coverage of sports events, and a comics page were introduced and became popular. This is the era where media consolidation started with small newspaper companies being taken over by larger companies. By 1910, all of the modern features of a newspaper had emerged. Nowadays, newspapers have faded out. They have been replaced by radio and television news. Newspaper companies have had to adjust to the changing times by adapting the style of their newspapers. Newspapers have gone online and added videos to go along with the internet and information-at-
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Written Media Report - Roberts 1 Newspapers as a Medium...

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