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Roberts 1 The Matrix and Religion Religion has been and still is today a major theme in our society . The history of religion dates back to long, long ago which is why our world is quite fascinated with the topic . Have you ever watched or read a seemingly non-secular movie or book and thought that it related to a particular religion? Well, it is also a common theme to have religious themes in a multitude of entertainment sources . Sometimes the religious aspects of a source are not outright obvious so the audience has to interpret the source in order to understand the religious themes . Examples of sources that incorporate religious themes are books, movies, television shows, songs, and even video games . Science fiction sources commonly have religious themes to them, mainly because it is easy to relate un-earth like things to religious topics, which in themselves can be seen as super-human . The Matrix trilogy is an example of a set of movies that include many religious aspects . The basis for the movies is that a group of rebels must save humanity from machines that are slowly destroying the human race and trapping them in an artificial reality (called the matrix) . Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity are the main characters who are the leaders of the rebel army and race to protect the city of Zion which is the only city not controlled by the machines . The religious aspects in this film occur in each one of the trilogy and most of them carry over into the next film . Some of these include Neo as a savior figure, multiple references to the Bible, Zion as a sacred space, and the power of threes . Morpheus refers to Neo as “the one” from the start and he is, after all, the one who brings salvation to the human race . In certain scenes of the movie, there are certain sets of numbers that reference different passages in the Bible . The city of Zion is referenced as a holy land for humans that offers them peace and promise . It is
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Roberts 2 sacred because it is the only land not touched by machines so it serves the purpose of housing the remaining humans . The power of threes refers to sacred and religious texts in the sense that if something is repeated multiple times a reader will remember it as important . The examples from this move of this theme are that The Matrix itself is a trilogy, there are three main agents that are out to destroy the rebel army, Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus form a trio, the name ‘Trinity’ refers to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and there are three ships that try and access The Source . The one theme that is most prominent is the savior/Messiah figure . In The Matrix, the character Neo can be viewed as a savior figure for humanity . The Matrix
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Final paper - Roberts 1 The Matrix and Religion Religion...

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