rhetorical analysis of place

rhetorical analysis of place - Corona Beer Commercial...

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Corona Beer Commercial Companies around the world spend millions of dollars on advertisements and commercials geared toward marketing their products. We are influenced by these advertisements on a daily basis whether we realize it or not. Certain techniques are used to draw people into their advertisements so that people will pay attention to them. Some of these appeals are ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos creates credibility with the audience. Pathos appeal induces emotional responses from the audience and logos offers logical arguments. Along with these appeals, companies also use place to sell their products. For example, a wine company might have an ad with the Eiffel tower in it to try and sell more wine since France is known for good wine. Corona beer has launched a new campaign focused around people drinking their beer on tropical beaches while relaxing. Their whole goal is for people to think that if they drink Corona beer they will be as relaxed as they would be if they were lying on a tropical beach. Corona has produced multiple advertisements and commercials based on their new campaign idea of relaxation. The advertisement I have chosen is a commercial where it starts out by showing a lady resting in a hammock on a secluded tropical beach. Instead of the hammock being tied to trees it looks like it is tied to two Corona beer bottles. The camera zooms out and we can see that the hammock is actually tied to two tress and that the Corona bottles are actually being drunk by two other people sitting in chairs. The camera focuses on the scene for a few seconds then the slogan of “Relax Responsibly” shows up on the bottom right side. There is no talking throughout the whole commercial just sounds of being at the beach, like waves
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rhetorical analysis of place - Corona Beer Commercial...

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