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Roberts 1 Figurative Language Literary Analysis Figurative language is used in pieces of literature to help explain the meanings better. By using metaphors, imagery, synecdoches, and symbolism the reader will get a better understanding of the literary text. These types of figurative language also help generate themes in the literature. This semester, we read the book America 2014 about a futuristic society where the government runs, dictates, and monitors everything. The book’s main character, Winston, is first part of this society but later rethinks the situation and goes against it entirely, even escaping to Canada. The theme of oppression is a big part of this book as the people in this new society are being oppressed everyday by all the new rules and regulations. This book is full of all sorts of figurative language. In this book, figurative language builds on ideas and themes, contributes to character development, shapes how we understand the text, and helps the reader create meaning. The use of descriptive language, especially figurative language, can help the storyline in regards to themes and ideas. It is hard to portray ideas without using descriptive language and figurative language is the best kind for explaining things. Ideas are built off of intense language that describes them. In the book, the theme of oppression is adamant. This theme would be difficult to describe in just plain words. In order to really enforce the idea, the author uses descriptive language to describe it. Visually seeing a theme or idea in a book is only possible
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Figurative Language - Roberts 1 Figurative Language...

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