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Roberts 1 Play Criticism The “Little Shop of Horrors” is a classic musical with an interesting human-eating plant twist. This musical has been well reviewed by many critics and adorned by many viewers. High schools, including my own, and many other small theater groups have recreated this musical and presented it themselves. The Stage Left theater group here at Miami presented the “Little Shop of Horrors” Friday March 27 th through Sunday March 29 th . This musical had nine characters (including a puppeteer), props people, a lighting crew, a live band, and of course a director. Overall, this amateur musical was very well presented. Each element of the musical including actors’ performances, set lighting and costumes, backgrounds of the cast, audience response, background of the play, information about the author, and the plot itself, contribute to the effectiveness of the dramatic performance. The nine characters each had certain elements that helped make the play believable. The first character we are introduced to it Mr. Mushnik, played by Michael D’Elia. He played an old, worn out flower shop owner who desperately needed more customers. His performance of the old man was superb. He even walked with a limp and hunched over. He even had an accent throughout the duration of the performance. He made the audience believe he was a tired man, exhausted from running a failing shop. Next was the beautiful Audrey played by Jessica Barrett. Audrey is an abused, over worked and ambitious woman. She got into character by using an accent and the way she presented herself. She knew all her lines and spoke them with passion. Patrick Giblin played Seymour the quite, shy, smart, and timid employee who is in love with Audrey. He really did a nice job of making the audience see how timid his character really is. Chiffon, played by Carly Coulter, is part of the singing group. She did an excellent job of displaying her emotions while singing through facial expressions, hand gestures, and body
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Roberts 2 position. Another member of that singing group is Crystal played by Madison Johnson. She has a beautiful voice and also did a great job portraying the emotions of the songs she was singing. She even did good job acting with the few lines she had.
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Reading and writing dialogue - Roberts 1 Play Criticism The...

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