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The Alamo and Identity The author of this article discusses the Alamo itself along with its cultural identity, economic engineering, and the landscape. There is a huge battle of the Alamo between Anglo Americans and Latinos. The Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT) have assumed responsibility of the up keeping and decisions regarding the Alamo. They disapproved of a notion to restore the Alamo to its original purpose as a Spanish mission. The Alamo stands today as a symbol of Anglo martyrdom. The author continues the talk about the cultural identity of the Alamo as only Anglo values, despite the large Latino population in San Antonio. The Alamo has been altered and reconstructed many times. However, it still has very little elements of Latino flair in it. The original Latin trace elements have thus been removed and replaced by Anglo elements. A Latino artist tried to replace some panels with ones more geared toward Latino cultured but they were taken down and replaced with images of Anglo heroes. The
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