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American Girl: Constructing American Girlhood Every girl growing up either owned something from the American Girl Company or knew about their products. The American Girl dolls were and still somewhat are a craze for young girls everywhere to play with. The author focuses on how the American Girl collection shaped the identity of girl’s lives and certain cultural identities from the products they sold. Each doll had their own set of books, clothes, and accessories that related to their story. These dolls were unique because each one represented a different cultural identity. There was a pioneer girl, a Victorian beauty, a dreamer, a colonial, an African American, a Hispanic, and a girl from the Depression era. The American girl company also had a line of baby dolls called Bitty Babies that were geared towards lower elementary school girls. They also sold a make-your-own doll so that you could pick the color of skin, hair, and eyes to make the doll look like you. The American girl doll for Today has accessories for Kwanza, Hanukkah, and the Chinese New Year. The clothing for these dolls includes
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