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The Westward Moving Home

The Westward Moving Home - Roberts 1 The Evolving Domestic...

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Roberts 1 The Evolving Domestic Landscape In Sebastopol, California live John and Sarah Tinkham who reside in a sprawling home on vast acres of land. They have two children; Emily and Michael. The family farm is located on these many acres. However the family doesn’t do any actual work on that farm. The family rarely eats dinner together because of all the activities that they are involved in. John owns the family business of selling farming equipment, something his grandfather is proud of and his great-grandfather is not. His great-grandfather passed away years ago, way before the children were born, hoping his children would carrying on the honesty of their farming business. Sarah Tinkham is a housewife who is very involved with the PTA, neighborhood association, and other various committees in town. The children play sports and are in many clubs in their schools. This leaves little time for family bonding, something so important to the first Tinkhams to come to this land. The house they live in is not modest and it exceeds their needs. It is very modern, with elegant design and the latest fashions. Keeping up with the times, they have a pool, guest house, small movie theater, a five car garage, and each room has its own bathroom. These materialistic things are clearly unnecessary but are a sign of the changing times in the current United States. Old time values are being replaced with selfish needs of the individual. The landscape is a vast and beautiful site. It contains an apple orchard, vegetable and herb garden, and the farm. The farm includes a barn for the cows, a barn for the horses, and a shack for the chickens. Milking the cows is done by machine and so is receiving the eggs from the chickens. All the animals are taken care of by a staff. The orchard and vegetable garden are also tended to by a staff of trained professionals. This is a huge difference between the hard work put into Nehemiah’s farm in the 1600’s. The only work John puts into his farm is overseeing that everything is done, no actual labor.
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Roberts 2 This domestic scene is a site for transforming energies; that is energy into money. John can transform other peoples work and time into a profit. That is what life is all about for him and his family. The nearest public gathering site is a few miles away. However, socializing is huge part of the society. Festivals, fairs, sports games, auctions, and any other public get-togethers are
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The Westward Moving Home - Roberts 1 The Evolving Domestic...

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