The White-Pillared Past

The White-Pillared Past - The White-Pillared Past:...

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The White-Pillared Past: Landscapes of Memory and Race in the American South The Old South is remembered in different ways by different groups of people. The author, Steven Hoelscher, touches on these different views in this article. He uses the specific place of Natchez, Mississippi to exemplify how this place remembers the Old South. Plantation houses were in the plenty during the pre and actual Civil War. These immense houses were Greek inspired with the infamous white pillars. There are three dozen registered historic homes in Natchez. The city is half African American which the author finds of great contrast to the white pillared houses that represent the white culture of the past. There was a club started by elite white women called the Natchez Garden Club that is devoted to restoring and up keeping these historic homes. Many people venture to the South just to view these historic homes. However the main issues start with whose past these historic homes represent. The author refers to this race issue throughout his article, as it is the main issue regarding these “historic” homes. A specific example he uses is when he talks about two contrasting bumper stickers. One says
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