White Ignorance and Colonial Oppression

White Ignorance and Colonial Oppression - White Ignorance...

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White Ignorance and Colonial Oppression There are a few landmasses outside of the United States that are owned by the U.S. that most of us know little about. Puerto Rico is one of those countries. This article focuses on the Americans lack of knowledge on Puerto Rico and the disrespectful ways America went about colonizing Puerto Rico. The author recognizes her, as well as most white Americans, many questions regarding the relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico. Her main point is this idea of ignorance/knowledge and its regards to our view of Puerto Rico. The United States acquired Puerto Rico from the victory in the Spanish-American war in 1898. Since then the United States has been trying to convert it to American ways of life. Puerto Rico is not part of the U.S., it just belongs to it and this is the view that still remains today. “Porto Rico” is another term used to describe the more American view of this land thus hindering the actual cultural background. The Philippines were considered a nuisance to the United States so Puerto
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