final exam - Citizen Kane Orson Welles directed a film that...

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Citizen Kane Orson Welles directed a film that is still famous today called Citizen Kane . This movie depicts the struggle that Charles Foster Kane went through in his life to achieve recognition and love. This film was so successful because of the various aesthetic elements. Through a formal analysis of the first opera scene, the structure of the movie, and the theme of a broken ‘American Dream’ one can truly understand Citizen Kane . Charles Kane marries Susan Alexander, an aspiring opera singer. He gets her a performance at the opera house. This is her first performance at the opera and the first of two opera sequences. This movie is in black and white so lighting is important. The lighting is mostly low-key in the first scene of Susan at the opera. Just like the rest of the movie, the scene is shot with a deep-focus. The scene starts out as a close-up head shot of Susan. There is a spotlight on Susan when she is getting ready to perform as all the people around her are rushing to get her ready. The people are mere shadows compared to the white spotlight on Susan. The camera moves to the spotlight above her and flashes, signaling Susan’s anxiousness. The music becomes loud and overpowers her singing and her voice coach telling her what she is doing wrong. The beat increases because the show is about to start and it represents her heart racing. The curtain rises and the camera follows with the curtain, not focusing on Susan.
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final exam - Citizen Kane Orson Welles directed a film that...

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