profile story - Roberts 1 Teachers Devotion Inspires Kids...

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Roberts 1 Teacher’s Devotion Inspires Kids Teaching six classes, running the high school newspaper, advising the yearbook club, and producing the morning announcements for a high school? How does Pam Pendery, 45, seem to fit all of that into her schedule? Ms. Pendery has been teaching at Anderson High School in Cincinnati for ten years. She started the newspaper, morning announcements, and the broadcast journalism class. “I saw a need for students to get more involved with media and its aspects. Students need to learn the skills of communication that are so vital in life.” She is currently the only teacher for the mass communications, journalism, and broadcast journalism classes. This requires a lot of effort on her part. “On a day-to-day basis I grade papers, look over articles for the newspapers, review features for the yearbook, and make sure the announcements are done for the next day.” Luckily she has some help from her student editors for the newspaper and yearbook. The announcements are done by students so she gives them the stories and makes sure they actually film the announcements. She works on these projects throughout the entire school year. Since she is the only teacher working on them, the success or failure rests on her. It’s a big responsibility but she willing takes it on every year. “It’s a lot of stress but in the end the kids learn something new
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profile story - Roberts 1 Teachers Devotion Inspires Kids...

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