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Reading Reflection Paper – Content OUTSTANDING 8 7 6 VERY GOOD 5 4 GOOD TO FAIR 3 2 INADEQUATE 1 0 Content (Your mind at work, how and why your perspectives and ideas are significant. Main topic of paper is sufficiently complex and well explained.) Narrowly focused, provocative, significant central and original idea, Excellent use of examples. Essay shows writer’s passionate and creative engagement with idea(s). Essay shows excellent respect for reader and effectively explains what might be difficult for reader to grasp. Clear and serious central idea, original. Very good use of examples. Essay shows writer’s intellectual enthusiasm. Essay shows good respect for reader and generally effectively explains difficult concepts. Central idea evident but simplistic or too familiar (not challenging or original) somewhat confusing, somewhat broad, or tends to be one-sided. Good to fair use of examples or some problems with them. Essay doesn’t seem to effectively answer or deal with difficult concepts. Central idea
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This note was uploaded on 05/25/2011 for the course LIB 100 taught by Professor Benjamin during the Spring '08 term at Grand Valley State.

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LIB100ReadingReflectionRubric25 - Reading Reflection Paper...

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