Sample Philosophy Journal Entry(1)

Sample Philosophy Journal Entry(1) - Professor Dwayne...

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Unformatted text preview: Professor Dwayne Tunstall Sample Philosophy Journal Entry When reading Hadots What is Ancient Philosophy , I found myself disagreeing greatly with how Plato thinks dialogue should be carried out. In Chapter Five Hadot informs the reader of how important dialogues are, and show how they were used in the Platos Academy. The dialectical exercises taught in Platos Academy had the structure of two or more interlocutors giving and taking reasons for a given position. One of the interlocutors was the interrogator while the other interlocutor was the thesis advancer. It was thought that this structure of dialogue could help the interlocutors learn something and become better people by doing so. I dont think people can learn from this type of dialogue. One person states his idea then the other person just questions it and never states any of his own ideas. If I was in that kind of dialogue where the person I was talking to just questioned my ideas and tried to get me to think I was wrong about them, I would get very angry. This dialogue structure seems like it would only make for heated arguments.This paragraph is a student response to an assigned reading. In this case, the student is heated arguments....
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Sample Philosophy Journal Entry(1) - Professor Dwayne...

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