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Shakespeare paraphrase hw instructions(1) - Shakespeare...

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Shakespeare Paraphrase Instructions: Using this scene, create some concept for the show in some other time period, location, or culture. Use the techniques learned in class for adapting the language to help support this new idea. What changes in the scene because of your concept? Remember that you can’t change the plot of the play, but simple actions may be altered. Make sure it can be justified within the context of the show. Simply saying: “wouldn’t it be neat if…” usually results in more confusion about the plays themes, rather than enhancing and supporting it. **Describe your concept in a paragraph using at least two examples from our Stage Directed Plot Summary (what we did in class) to support your idea of the concept, and adapt the text below based on that concept. That means it does not pass as justification just because you think it would be cool and different. It must be supported by something from the play. Submit your changes to the SafeAssign on Blackboard. You are doing the paraphrases for each line, then also writing a paragraph describing some new concept that you would be writing your paraphrases in. You'll use examples from what we did in class to support this potential change. Perhaps for As You Like It: If I'm changing the scene to take place on a pirate ship: Shakespeare's words: Rosalind: Why did he say he would come and comes not? Paraphrase: Bloody Rose: Where the devil be he? He swore upon his beard he'd aaaarrrrrrrive by now. I Justify this concept this way: In the Stage Directed Plot Summary Rosalind dresses up like a man to try and act more tough and fit in with her surroundings. Historically there were several female pirates who dressed as men for love or general
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Shakespeare paraphrase hw instructions(1) - Shakespeare...

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