freedoms daughters ch 11 - with Bob Moses was

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Shawnkeisha Stoudamire Freedom’s Daughters Chapter 11 “We Are Not Going to Take This Anymore” EVENS 1. In addition to being terrorized, blacks in Mississippi had been disenfranchised since Reconstruction by . 2. In 1961, SNCC activists joined forces with Bob Moses , a former math teacher from New York. 3. In small rural communities, the first people to enlist in the movement were usually __________________________________________. 4. Bob Moses’ leadership was much more like Ella Baker than like MLK . 5. Women and girls became the vanguard of the Mississippi voter registration drive because ___________________________________________________________. 6. Bob Moses clashed with SNCC activist Marion Berry over direct action sit-ins in the hard-core racist area . 7. The reason for the Burgland High School protest was _________________________________________________________________. 8. Along with many other student protesters, 12 year-old Jessie Divens was thrown in jail . 9. Herbert Lee, a farmer from Amite County who was working on voter registration
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Unformatted text preview: with Bob Moses was ____________________________________________. 10. In Jackson, MS, Bevel, Lafayette and Nash were convicted of contributing to the delinquency of minors and sentenced to prison for 2 years . 11. At the height of the Mississippi movement and to everyones astonishment, Diane Nash ______________________________________________. 12. The marriage ended Nashs position of leadership in the movement because she had been raised to think that a wife should defer to her husband . 13. However, Nash showed that as a pregnant woman, she could still take a stand for the Movement by ____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________. 14. Nash wrote an open letter explaining her decision, which was publicized in the black press; however, the judge who sentenced her refused to implement the two year sentence because she was pregnant and twenty-one ....
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freedoms daughters ch 11 - with Bob Moses was

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