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Organic Chemistry for Life Sciences 2 Lecture Outline Chapter 15: Radical Reactions 15.1 Introduction and General Features of Radical Reactions A. Geometry B. Hybridization C. Stabilization Suggested Problems: 15.35, 15.36, 15.37 15.2 Free-Radical Addition of HBr to Alkenes 15.3 Free-Radical Substitution Reaction Suggested Problems: 15.38, 15.40, 15.42-15.44 15.4 Regioselectivity of Halogenation of Alkanes A. Bromination vs. Chlorination
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Unformatted text preview: B. Explaining Regioselectivity using the Hammond Postulate Suggested Problems: 15.48, 15.54 15.5 Stereochemistry of Radical Halogenation Suggested Problems: 15.51 15.6 Allylic Halogenation (Use of NBS) A. Mechanism B. Resonance Stabilization of Allylic Radicals Suggested Problems: 15.46, 15.47 Done by Dr. Felix N. Ngassa for CHM 242: Organic Chemistry for Life Sciences 2, GVSU, Spring/Summer 2011. Page 1 of 1...
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