Diagram Michigan and Federal Court Structures

Diagram Michigan and Federal Court Structures - for hearing...

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Michigan and Federal Court Structures Federal Michigan Federal law issues only Federal N ote : In Michigan there are also Probate courts (wills and estates and adult guardianship/ competency) and the Court of Claims (where the state of Michigan may be sued as a party). There are also a number of additional federal courts, Bankruptcy Courts being one example. SUPREME COURT Last resort for state law issues; 7 elected justices; appellate jurisdiction; appeal by leave COURTS OF APPEALS 3 judge panels by region, appellate jurisdiction, elected judges, appeal by leave and by right CIRCUIT COURTS Elected judges, felony trials and civil o/$25,000; family law division, juvenile; original jurisdiction, except
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Unformatted text preview: for hearing appeals from District Court by right SUPREME COURT Last resort federal law issues; 9 appointed justices, appellate jurisdiction by writ of certiorari or habeas corpus from state, by leave from federal; created by Constitution CIRCUIT COURTS OF APPEALS Appointed judges by region, appeal by right from US District Courts, 3 judge panels unless hearing cases en banc (entire court); created by Congress DISTRICT COURTS Appointed, trial courts federal law, diversity, and US as a party; courts of original jurisdiction; created by Congress DISTRICT COURTS Elected judges, misdemeanor trials, civil u/$25,000, preliminary examinations, small claims, civil infractions...
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