Spr11 1TH rev May 19 without inchoate crimes

Spr11 1TH rev May 19 without inchoate crimes - CJ 302 First...

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CJ 302 -- First Examination Highlights (revised) Below are the principle points/concepts that you should know for this examination. In reviewing these concepts you should refer to your lecture notes, notes from class exercises, hand-outs, and assigned readings from the text and the Chapter posted to the Bb site. Students should be able to: 1) Define: element, stare decisis , precedent, mala in se , malum prohibitum , ex post facto , tort, crime, federalism, jurisdiction, felony, misdemeanor, possession, scienter , “proximate cause”, “but for (direct) cause”, and vicarious liability 2) Identify the five primary goals (purposes) for crimes 3) Identify the five principle goals (purposes) in sentencing offenders 4) Compare and contrast the functions of the three branches of government and be able to identify their principle agencies; be able to identify the three levels of government and describe how their authority/power differs 5) Identify and describe five different primary sources of law, the type of law each
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