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SPR11 CASEDIR - CJ 302 Case Briefing Directions ASSIGNMENT...

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Unformatted text preview: CJ 302 -- Case Briefing Directions ASSIGNMENT: Case briefings are part of your class participation grade. All students are expected to learn how to read and share your analysis of a court’s decision during class discussions. A case brief is an analysis of the case. When identifying the case name in a heading you should always include its citation. For this class a brief will have six essential parts: 1. Parties : Parties are the persons/entities having their legal interests resolved by the decision in the case before the court. A case will have at minimum the plaintiff (person/entity) claiming wrongdoing and the defendant (person/entity) claimed by the plaintiff to have committed the wrong. In cases that are appellate decisions (the vast majority of reported decisions) parties are also designated as an appellant or petitioner (party who lost below) and as appellee or respondent (party who won below). The terms petitioner/respondent will be used when state cases are being appealed to the Supreme Court of the federal court system by either a...
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