Spr11 SG2 with inchoate crimes

Spr11 SG2 with inchoate crimes - CJ 302 Study Guide#2 I...

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CJ 302 -- Study Guide #2 I. Inchoate Crimes (Carried over from Study Guide #1) A. Define: inchoate crimes, solicitation, attempt, and conspiracy B. Identify and describe the elements of inchoate crimes C. Identify defenses to inchoate crimes and be able to apply them to fact scenarios II. Justification Defenses. A. General defense law concepts 1. Affirmative defenses 2. BARD Defense 3. Others (e.g.: alibi defense) B. Use of force. 1. Deadly vs. non-deadly force. 2. What are the standards for determining when the defense of use of force may justify the defendant’s conduct? a] Defending self? (See People v Goetz , p. 139) b] Defending others? i. What is the “duty to retreat”/“retreat doctrine”? (See State v Thomas , p. 145) ii. What is role of “battered woman” defense as a justification for behavior involving use of force? iii. What is the castle doctrine and recent legal developments? c] Defending property? (real property vs. personal property) d] What is Michigan’s position on the use of force according to the Self- defense Act (effective October 1, 2006)? e] Executing public duties (e.g. arrest)? (Difference in rules for use of deadly vs. non-deadly force). f] Parental discipline. C. Necessity (choice of evils defense) 1. Define. 2. When can it be used as a defense? 3. Does proof of economic necessity ever establish this defense? D. Consent
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Spr11 SG2 with inchoate crimes - CJ 302 Study Guide#2 I...

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