Spr11 Solicitation Class exercise

Spr11 Solicitation Class exercise - CJ 302 Class...

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CJ 302 – Class Exercise (Solicitation and the Defense of “Impossibility”) “Deputy William Liczbinski was assigned by the Wayne County Sheriff's Department to conduct an undercover investigation for the department's Internet Crimes Bureau. Liczbinski was instructed to pose as a minor and log onto “chat rooms” on the Internet for the purpose of identifying persons using the Internet as a means for engaging in criminal activity. On December 8, 1998, while using the screen name “Bekka,” Liczbinski was approached by defendant, who was using the screen name “Mr. Auto-Mag,” in an Internet chat room. Defendant described himself as a twenty-three- year-old male from Warren, and Bekka described herself as a fourteen-year-old female from Detroit. Bekka indicated that her name was Becky Fellins, and defendant revealed that his name was Chris Thousand. During this initial conversation, defendant sent Bekka, via the Internet, a photograph of his face. From December 9 through 16, 1998, Liczbinski, still using the screen name “Bekka,” engaged in chat room conversation with defendant. During these exchanges, the conversation became sexually explicit. Defendant made repeated lewd invitations to Bekka to engage in various sexual acts, despite various indications of her young age. Defendant at one point asked Bekka, “Ain't I a lil [sic] old? ?” Upon Bekka's negative reply, defendant asked,
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This note was uploaded on 05/25/2011 for the course CRIMINAL J 302 taught by Professor Kristinemullendore during the Spring '11 term at Grand Valley State.

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Spr11 Solicitation Class exercise - CJ 302 Class...

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