Syllabus W11 - 105-04-3

Syllabus W11 - 105-04-3 - BIOLOGY 105-04 ENVIRONMENTAL...

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BIOLOGY 105-04: ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE WINTER 2011 INSTRUCTOR: Jennifer Cymbola OFFICE: HRY 216 OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday: 2:30-3:30 pm, Wednesday: 2:00-4:00 pm (Other times available by appointment) PHONE: (616) 331-2858 E-mail: [email protected] REQUIRED TEXT: Cunningham and Cunningham, Principles of Environmental Science, Fifth Edition, 2009. McGraw Hill. Occasionally, I may assign outside readings for assignments. These readings will be posted on Blackboard. You are expected to carefully read these in order to complete the assignments; they may appear on exam questions. COURSE DESCRIPTION: Study of natural ecosystems, their interrelationships, and human impacts and evolution of humans and environmental determinants of their cultures. Land use, resource and energy utilization, population trends and causative factors, air and water pollution, and economic factors influencing decision-making are emphasized. Does not count toward a biology major or minor. Fulfills Life Sciences Foundation. Part of Earth and Environment theme. COURSE GOALS: 1. You will increase your critical thinking skills through assignments that will have you analyze various positions and solutions to some of our most challenging environmental problems. These issues are very complex and involve not only science, but business, ethics, and politics as well. 2. To show the relationship between humans and the natural environment, and how the activities of 6 billion humans impact the living world. 3. Apply the knowledge and skills obtained in this course to everyday situations in your lives, as well as for the future of our natural resources and the world in general. PRE-REQUISITES: None TENTATIVE LECTURE SCHEDULE: Please note that this schedule may change as we progress through lecture topics. Please check for changes on Blackboard regularly! WEEK OF: CHAPTER SUBJECT Jan 10 1/2 Introduction to environmental science/Energy Jan 17 2/3 Energy/Introduction to ecosystems/Population dynamics Jan 24 3/5 Population dynamics/Biodiversity Jan 31 5 Biomes and biodiversity
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Syllabus W11 - 105-04-3 - BIOLOGY 105-04 ENVIRONMENTAL...

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