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Writing 150 Professor Iadonisi Winter 2010 Microtheme #3—Analysis Assignment: Write an analysis of either a cultural icon or an advertising campaign. Purpose: Analysis, which literally means to separate something into its components and explore the relationship of the various parts, is an extremely useful critical thinking skill in college. In a literature class, you might be asked to analyze the character of Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby . For a philosophy class, you might be asked to analyze Plato’s Republic . Your communications professor might ask you to analyze a political speech made by Sarah Palin. Characteristics: A Successful Cultural Icon or Ad Analysis Microtheme
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Unformatted text preview: ► Recognizes the readers’ familiarity (or lack thereof) with your subject and describes it as needed using concrete descriptive details. ► Breaks the subject down into appropriate components ► Analyzes what significance the subject has for you personally, for your generation, and/ or for the culture as a whole. What values does the subject represent? ► Supports the analysis with discussion, examples, etc. ► Is organized logically ► Meets other criteria as outlined in the Guide to First-Year Writing Length: 2 pages, double spaced Due Date: Wednesday, Feb. 3 (Sec. 32) Friday, Feb. 5 (Sec. 08) Monday, Feb. 8 (Sec. 18)...
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