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215 Handout_1(definitions)

215 Handout_1(definitions) - Sample mean(average x Sample...

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Handout #1: Definitions STA215: Introductory Applied Statistics Dr. Jann-Huei Jinn The following definitions (terms) and notations are very important for you to understand and memorize them during this semester: 1. Population 2. Sample 3. Parameter(s): Population mean (average), μ (pronounced as “mu”). Population variance, 2 σ . (pronounced as “sigma” square). Population standard deviation, . Population proportion, P. 4. Statistics:
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Unformatted text preview: Sample mean (average), x . Sample variance, 2 s . Sample standard deviation, s. Sample proportion, p ˆ . 5. Variable(s): Numerical (quantitative) variable(s) Categorical (qualitative, attribute) variable(s) 6. Distribution(s): Normal distribution(s), Student t distribution(s), Chi-square( 2 χ , pronounced as “kai” square) distribution(s) F distribution(s) 7. Confidence Interval 8. Testing Hypotheses...
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