215 Handout_6(Chap 9) - Handout #6: Statistics as Random...

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Handout #6: Statistics as Random Variables and Sampling Distributions STA215: Introductory Applied Statistics Dr. Jann-Huei Jinn Suggested Homework for chapter 9 are listed in your syllabus Recall: Population parameter is a number characterizing population (e.g. population mean μ ). It’s value is fixed, unchanged and usually unknown. Sample statistic is a number computed from the sample (e.g. sample mean x ). It is used for estimating the population parameter. Statistic is random , that is, for any other sample you collect, the value of statistic will be different. Examples(Exercises 9.1,9.2) Population Parameters and Sample Statistics for the remainder of chapters: Symbol for the Population Parameter Symbol for the Sample Statistics Population Proportion P p ˆ Difference of two Population Proportions 2 1 P P - 2 1 ˆ ˆ p p - One Population Mean μ x Population Mean of Paired Differences d d Difference of Two Population Means 2 1 - 2 1 x x - Two Statistical Inference Procedures : Confidence interval and hypothesis tests. Sampling distribution for a statistic is the distribution of possible values of the statistic for repeated samples of the same size taken from a population. . Standard Deviation and Standard Error of Statistics
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215 Handout_6(Chap 9) - Handout #6: Statistics as Random...

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