215PASW(17.02),Summer 2011

215PASW(17.02),Summer 2011 - PASW(SPSS) for Windows...

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PASW(SPSS) for Windows (Version 17.02) Dr. Jann-Huei Jinn 1. Accessing PASW and R:Drive : 1) Double click the Departmental Application icon. 2) In the Departmental Application Window double click on “ Statistics ” folder. 3) Double click on PASW statistics 17.02 4) Click on “File” and then “Open data” 5) Click on the downward arrow next to “Look in” 6) Choose “DATA( \\LABDATA_W.OFFICE ...). This is the R:Drive even though it does not show the letter R. Note: This is the way to get to the files stored in folders on the R:Drive. You CANNOT access the R:Drive by clicking on the “Research Data” link in the “Statistics” folder. 2. How to exit PASW: 1) Click File from menu bar 2) Click Exit 3. How to key in the data: 1) In the “PASW for Windows” dialog box select “Type in data” then click OK . 2) In the PASW Data Editor Window Click Variable View then type a variable’s name in the first row and hit <Enter> key, continue to do so until you typed all the variables. Click Data View and you will see all the variables appear on top of each column. 3) To enter a value, use the cusor keys or the moose to highlight a cell, and then type a value. <Enter> accepts the value and moves down one row. <Tab> accepts the value and moves right one column. 4) For qualitative (categorical, attribute) variables, in the PASW Data Editor Window click Variable View then click the “Numeric” cell (Under the “Type” column) then click the small square box (with 3 dots) and you will see a “Variable Type” dialog box. . In the Variable Type dialog box, click String then click OK . 5) In the “ Width ” column, you can change the # of spaces for the categories. 6) If you type numerical values as symbols for categorical variables then click “Values column to label them. 7) To delete a case or variable, click the row or column heading and Clear it, by using the Edit menu or pressing <Delete>. 8) To replace a value, select the cell and enter the new value. The new value replaces the old value in the cell editor. -1- 4. How to select Cases Based on Conditional Expressions: Click Data in the menu bar then select Cases .
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1) Select If Condition is Satisfied then click “If” button. 2) Enter the conditional expression. String constants must be enclosed in quotation marks or apostrophes. Numeric constants must be typed in American format, with the period (.) as the decimal indicator. 5. How to save a file on disk: 1) Click File from menu bar 2) Click Save as 3) Change disk drive to a: 4) Type in filename under "File Name" with appropriate extensions. To save data, type filename . sav To save chart, type filename . spo 5) Click OK 6. How to print PASW output: 1) Click File from menu bar 2) Click Print 3) Click OK Note: Printing can be done from any window. You can change the printing defaults via File Print . 7. How to open a file from a disk :
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215PASW(17.02),Summer 2011 - PASW(SPSS) for Windows...

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