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TAL 647: Understanding Culture in the Classroom Paper #1:  My personal identity and how it affects me as a teacher Using the pie chart in the power point presentation as a model, sketch your own chart of the key  aspects of your identity. Be sure to include race, ethnicity/nationality, socio-economic status,  and gender but feel free to add any others that are important to you (geographic  location/city/state etc., religion, language, ability/disability…). Write a paper of 6-8 pages in which you explain all aspects of the web, saying why you consider  each less or more important. Reflect on how this overall picture affects you as a teacher in your  current professional situation. Identify both strengths and weaknesses of these features and 
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Unformatted text preview: discuss what you feel you need to work on to meet those areas that are challenging. Feel free to be honest as you can about any biases, preconceived beliefs, stereotypes (whether positive or negative) that come with your identity. This is a personal paper, in which you will use the first person but maintain technical correctness as well as an academic tone. Make it interesting! Use attractive sub-headings where appropriate and make me want to read on! Take care in the overall structuring of the paper, developing your points and arguments and building clear transitions from one to the next. Bring this paper to class on Thursday, January 28....
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