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Western- moderately restrictive when it comes to sex, lots of people don’t believe in premarital sex, adultery is very bad, prostitution is bad, and homosexuality is very controversial and often looked at in a negative light. Denmark (Scandinavia)- sex in a steady relationship is normal, often wait for pregnancy to get married, “going steady” means more than in America, sex goes along with dating (in a serious relationship) Mormon- extremely restrictive, premarital sex is big sin, homosexuality is a sin Siwans of North Africa- like ancient Greece, men and boys are expected to have sex Mohave Indians of Ca. and Az.- believe people born as homosexuals, dress as women and perform female duties, and are allowed to take a husband. Or if boys didn’t fit in, they could participate in a ceremony to change their sex status Interesting: female homosexuality is less common and not “allowed” as much as homosexual men. Also, in US 4% of males are gay, but over 1/3 of men have a homosexual experience to orgasm…for women it is only 13% e+cuture&source=bl&ots=X- In Italy, the prevailing ideology links love and sexuality. Love is presented as a necessary precondition for sexual relations, while happy sexual relations are generally considered necessary for the success of a love relationship. Yet, 60 percent of women and 74 percent of men admit sexual desires regarding persons for whom they feel no love (Sabatini 1988). In this case, the fact that the statistics were based on a questionnaire distributed among the readers of Duepiu , a progressive magazine with a clear pro-sex attitude, may have influenced the results. Later surveys, however, confirmed that, especially among young men, sexual relations without love were rather common. Faithfulness is considered an important value for couples, but a recent survey among young people (Buzzi 1998) shows that about one third of young men and one sixth of young women had sexual relations with persons other than their partner. Adhesion to the values of romantic love and faithfulness thus often is more formal than real.
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Bruno P. F. Wanrooij , Ph.D. Stable relationships become more common with the increase of age, but a relatively high percentage of young people aged 26 to 30 have no stable partner (38.5 percent of males and 21.2 percent of females). Love, physical attraction, and trust are the elements that determine the creation and the duration of a relationship. ere is no strong social condemnation of the cohabitation of unmarried couples,
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comnotes - Western moderately restrictive when it comes to...

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