ARTstudy - ART 2D Space: has only height and width. There...

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ART 2D Space : has only height and width. There exists the picture plane and the illusion of the positive and negative space. 3D Space : has height, width, and depth (sculptures, architecture) Abstract : forms of our visual world are simplified, fragmented, distorted so that the formal properties of lines, shapes, and colors are emphasized. Representational-forms are fragmented/distorted (Picasso). Nonrepresentational- contains no reference to the natural world as we see it (nonobjective) Achromatic : lack of color; black and white Aesthetics : branch of philosophy that studies sensory responses related to but not limited by, the concept of beauty (we all have our own aesthetic) Analogous : adjacent hues on the color wheel Asymmetrical Balance : two sides that do not correspond to one another in size, shape, and placement Atmospheric Perspective : background becomes less distinguishable Balance : the stability that results when the visual elements on one side visually seem to “weigh” as much as those on the other Cartoon : full-scale preparation drawing for a fresco Chiarascuro : contrast, light/dark applied to a 2D surface to create the illusion of a solid form Color : synonymous with hue Complementary Colors: are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. Creates the greatest contrast. Composition: the organization of lines, shapes, colors, and other art elements in a work of art (design) Content: what the work of art is about, its message or meaning Context : knowledge of the artist, his/her audience, and time period (Content)
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ARTstudy - ART 2D Space: has only height and width. There...

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