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05 Food and Ag Resources-1 - Food and Agriculture I....

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Food and Agriculture I. NUTRITION AND FOOD SUPPLIES A. The most common dietary problem in wealthy countries is over-nutrition. B. Malnourishment - Nutritional imbalance 1. Iron deficiency is the most common dietary imbalance in the world; leads to anemia, hemorrhage during childbirth; affects development 2. Protein Deficiency Diseases a) Kwashiorkor - “Displaced Child” - Occurs mainly in children whose diet lacks high-quality protein. b) Marasmus - “To Waste Away” - Caused by a diet low in both protein and calories. C. Famines 1. Characterized by large-scale food shortages, mass starvation, social disruption, and economic chaos. a) Mass migrations due to loss of productive capacity b) Environmental conditions are trigger, but politics and economics are often underlying problems. 2. Foreign aid distributes surplus commodities and produces feeling of generosity. 3. Food/refugee camps have serious problems II. MAJOR FOOD SOURCES A. Three crops deliver majority of world’s nutrients: Wheat, Rice and Corn B. Potatoes, barley, oats and rye are staples in cool, moist climates. C. Cassava, sweet potatoes, and other roots and tubers are staples in warm wet climates. D. Meat and Dairy: Protein-rich foods 1. Globally, 660 M metric tons of cereals are used to feed livestock. E. Seafood 1. Seafood is an important protein source in many countries. 2. Annual catches of ocean fish rose by 4% annually between 1950-1988. 3.
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05 Food and Ag Resources-1 - Food and Agriculture I....

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