Constantinople Outline

Constantinople Outline - grow a divide between East and...

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Constantinople Outline 25/04/2011 22:15:00 Question: Discuss the reasons for (Part 1, why did it happen) and effects of  development (Part 2, what were the results) of Constantinople in the fourth century. Intro: Talk about the 3 rd  Century: the civil wars, invasions, government  uncertainty, etc.  This level of decline is important, and began to weaken government in  the West. Then an ambitious politician became emperor and saw an opportunity to build  a grand city in his honor. Question leading to thesis: Why was Constantinople Built and what effect did it  have? Thesis: Constantinople was built out of sheer necessity for a new center away  from the crumbling administration in Rome, couple with Constantine’s individual  ambition. The founding of Constantinople had a significant impact on the Empire; trade  was strengthened in the East, there was a new governmental center, but there began to 
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Unformatted text preview: grow a divide between East and West. ← Paragraphs 1-3 part one of the question ← Paragraph # 1: The need for a new administrative center ← ← Paragraph # 2: Constantine’s Individual ambition ← ← Paragraph # 3: ? • Potential Topics include religion, ← Paragraphs 4-6 part two of the question ← Paragraph # 4: Strengthened Trade in the East ← ← Paragraph # 5: Created a new, strong center of government • Also, it became a center where Christianity could gain strength and spread ← Paragraph # 6: Yet for all the positives which Constantinople brought it created a rift between the East and West which never could be repaired. ← ← Paragraph # 7: How did the founding of Constantinople lead to the downfall of Rome? ← ← Conclusion 25/04/2011 22:15:00 ← 25/04/2011 22:15:00 ←...
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Constantinople Outline - grow a divide between East and...

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