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MG 665 Managerial Communication Final Case Part One United Way of El Paso SOURCE: Management Communication: Principles and Practice (2nd Edition) pages 287-297. Case Study Analysis: (50 points each) 1) What about the cultural makeup of El Paso makes the issue particularly difficult for all parties? How do the various parties’ interests collide? How do cultural, class, and religious distinctions contribute to the conflict? Can the two sides find common ground? The location of El Paso, Texas lends itself to a mix of those of Mexican and American heritage. A large number of the area’s residents speak Spanish, so the communication issue was more involved than if English was the sole language. Although it is not specifically stated, it could be assumed that a large portion of the city’s population is of the Roman Catholic faith. Catholics do not believe in artificial birth control or abortion. Although the El Paso Planned Parenthood did not provide abortions, they did provide birth control. The center of the issue, however, involved abortions. Although everyone seemed to agree on the importance of donating to charity, the collision of interests occurred over abortion. The El Pasoans for Life and the Catholics were strongly against Planned Parenthood being included in the United Way charities, as they did not wish to support an agency that provided abortions. The people from United Way had the challenge of trying to balance their needs with the outcry of some of the community members. If they dropped Planned Parenthood, then they might not have the funding they need to provide their services. If they kept Planned
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MG665Final1 - MG 665 Managerial Communication Final Case...

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