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MG655 Managerial Communication Lesson #8 Assignment #1 Hammermill Paper Company concerns the introduction of formal planning procedures at a large, decentralized company. The case narrative, describing the company's recent history and organization structure, provides contextual information about the introduction of planning at Hammermill. Exhibits I-III provide more financial and organizational information about the company. Exhibit IV, "Excerpts from the Planning Procedures Manual," provides detailed information about the actual planning process instituted at Hammermill. This is a case in communication problem-solving; that is, you are to consider the implications of a management decision and provide appropriate communications to achieve the productive cooperation from those affected by the decision. Is there any benefit to the idea of keeping the managers at Hammermill Paper Company "in the dark" until the last possible moment? According to this point of view, the initial communication about planning would be extremely generalized, providing little or no specific information about the actual procedures. Such a communication is probably impractical for two reasons: First, as W. Craig McClelland reports, "You simply can’t generalize about the types of response to planning" among the managers. Thus, the sweepingly pessimistic assumption about the managers’ attitudes is as reductive as a blindly optimistic one. Secondly, a communication that keeps the managers "in the dark" is likely to intimate
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MG655L8A1 - MG655 Managerial Communication Lesson#8...

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