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MG 655 Managerial Communication Lesson #7 Assignment #1 1. How well did Clarke prepare for this meeting? What should she have done differently? Specifically, what has Clarke done to set herself up for failure? Where and how has communication broken down in this case, both before and during the meeting? In some ways she was preparing for this meeting for ten years. Unfortunately, this was her downfall as well. There comes a time when the journey has been so long and tedious that one just wants to move forward and get the project done and over with. The challenge is finding the energy and motivation to work harder than ever in order to iron out any last minute issues. Specifically, she should have taken the time to put together the agenda and distribute it the week before the meeting. Those who wished to would have had an opportunity to review it and develop questions and bring them to her attention. She then could have addressed those questions beforehand to avoid the scene, which occurred at the meeting. She threw in a comment about wanting to shut down the “sleaze trade”, which may have been a moral implication on her part. Was she thinking that the members would be pressured into accepting her proposal without question because if they did not they would be considered to be condoning these businesses/lifestyles? She set herself up for failure by being over confident in her ability to handle the attendees at the meeting. She focused on the interests of the city and state officials, and she over looked the other members of the team. Further, she felt she could count on the enthusiasm of some of the members to carry over to the other members. She also did not
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MG655L7A1 - MG 655 Managerial Communication Lesson #7...

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