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MG655 Managerial Communication Lesson #6 Assignment #3 Mary Wilson Employee Performance Appraisal Form Quality of Performance: Satisfactory Productivity: Satisfactory Attitude: Conditional Initiative: Satisfactory I have had the supreme pleasure of working with Ms. Mary Wilson at Dotsworth for the past three years. Since that time she has shown great interest in the publishing business, and she has decided to make it her career. She has always been eager to undertake projects that challenge her to develop new skills in the publishing field. Her latest accomplishment is graduating with her Master’s degree in English from Motown University. We have gone through several challenges over the past year, but I am looking forward to the year ahead for the opportunity to restore our previously successful working relationship. Unfortunately, the last two months have been filled with tension and misunderstandings that have brought us to a crossroads. There have been breakdowns in communication, which led to decreased quality of productivity and performance as well
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This note was uploaded on 05/25/2011 for the course MG 655 taught by Professor Leiter during the Spring '11 term at Andrew Jackson.

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MG655L6A3 - MG655 Managerial Communication Lesson #6...

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