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MG665 Managerial Communication Lesson #6 Assignment #2 1. How would you define the problem that has arisen between Dick Garanti and Mary Wilson? What aspects of the scene have particular bearing on the problem? For example, is Mary’s relationship to David Smith incidental or does it significantly complicate the situation? It seems that Mary aspired to do more in the publishing field, so she chose to obtain a Master’s degree and take on additional responsibility to prove herself. While Dick supported her professional growth, he simply was not in a position to promote her. As he explained, he would lose his clerical support as a result of such a change in job classification. He made her aware of this, but he also let her know how valuable her skills were to him and the magazine. Dick was supportive of Mary finding an editorial position, and it appeared that he did all that he could to help her. He even supported her leaving Dotsworth if she could find a suitable position elsewhere. Mary, on the other hand, got frustrated with the situation and took it out on Dick. He had no bearing on a tight job market, nor did have any bearing on editorial positions not opening up at Dotsworth. However, as pointed out, Dick should have risen above the situation by giving honest, objective feedback without “personalizing” the issue. Mary’s behavior was unprofessional, and it was stated that she became abusive and insulting. Her acts reflected a tremendous error in judgment, which damaged her credibility and made her look childish. Further, she did not help matters by not speaking to Dick directly and merely putting a letter concerning the matter on his desk. She went too far by going to Bob and Betty, again, without discussing the matter with Dick first, Further, going against policy to approve the magazine on her own without consulting
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MG655L6A2 - MG665 Managerial Communication Lesson#6...

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