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MG 655Midterm2 - MG 655 Midterm Two Managerial...

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MG 655 Midterm Two Managerial Communication 2. 50 points: Study and evaluate the survey. What are the significant findings, in your view? What are the major categories considered by the survey? Do any findings require qualification? Do you feel a need for additional data or a different breakdown of the findings? What kinds of comparisons might be helpful in analyzing the data? Explain. In reviewing the survey, several issues stand out. Most of those who answered the survey were miners who had been in the business for 6-10 years. The majority were long time Illinois residents and third generation miners. Although the majority was occasionally bored with their jobs, they felt their jobs were a good fit for them. They felt their work was important, and they were confident with the amount of responsibility they had. Moreover, they felt they could count on others in their work groups as well as their supervisors. They expressed that they would like a little more instruction and feedback from their supervisors however. In particular, the employees were split almost evenly throughout the range as to whether their supervisor would tell them if they did a bad job or not. Despite this, the majority felt that they could discuss concerns with their supervisors. In the majority’s opinion, the management could show increased concern for the employees however. As for union relations, the miners felt that they were caught between the needs and wants of the company and those of union expectation. Moreover, they would prefer that wildcat strikes could be avoided, and they were primarily the result of misunderstandings between the UMW and management. On the other hand, they felt as members of the UMW, they needed to honor picket lines. Overall, they liked being part of a large corporation, and they would like to avoid strikes in settling on a new contract. They also felt that improved productivity was important to the future of coal mining. In terms of the public’s perception of the mining industry and how the coal industry and the UMW affect that, the majority felt that there was some room for improvement. They also felt the UMW and management could work to better their relations. For the most part, the employees felt that the mine had adequate safety policies, but an alarming majority stated that the machines and equipment were not kept in good repair. Most felt it was a good place to work. In fact, the vast majority felt it was a better place to work than ever before. In terms of communication, the workers preferred the reliability of company publications, general news media, and their supervisors more so than those sources
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associated with the union. They felt that there was some hope that the government, the UMW, and the mine operators could solve the problems of the coal industry.
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MG 655Midterm2 - MG 655 Midterm Two Managerial...

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