MG655Midterm4 - MG655 Midterm Four Managerial Communication...

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MG655 Midterm Four Managerial Communication 4. 50 points: In reports to corporate management, local managers, and rank-and-file employees, how would you present the findings and your recommendations to each audience? How would you organize the information for each report? What topics would you cover, and in what order? Would you use graphics to emphasize or explain certain findings? If so, where? Given your role as consultant, what would be your major message(s) to your client? What style, tone, argumentation, and approach would you use to make your message(s) clear and to encourage your client to act on your recommendations? Each of the entities listed represents a different audience, so the communication process should be tailored to the specific group. Care should also be taken in order to avoid sounding confrontational or accusatory. Issues should framed in such a way as to allow the specific group to realize that their concerns and input are important, so a resolution can be had, which works for everyone involved. For example, the concerns of the employees should be presented to local managers first, to allow some discussion of the issues before making recommendations. This information
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MG655Midterm4 - MG655 Midterm Four Managerial Communication...

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