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MG 655MIdermFinal

MG 655MIdermFinal - MG 655 Midterm Final Managerial...

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MG 655 Midterm Final Managerial Communication 5. 100 points: Writing as a consultant who conducted the survey, prepare a 3-4 page report (800-1000 words; double-spaced in a 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins) presenting your recommendations for maintaining and improving communications and employee relations at the mine. Thank you for allowing us to survey the employees of the Sesser Coal Mine of the Inland Steel Coal Company. We had a significant number of participants in the survey, and the results in chart form are presented for you at the end of this document. We also have some recommendations in terms of issues that seem pressing to the employees as well as some thoughts on how they might be approached. There are some key issues that we discovered, and we would like to summarize them for you. The majority of those answering the survey were miners who had over five years of experience and many of them were third generation miners. Most felt their work was important and their responsibilities suited them well. They had confidence in their fellow workers as well as their supervisors. Despite this, they expressed that they would like a little more instruction and feedback from their supervisors. In particular, the employees were split almost evenly throughout the ranges as to whether their supervisor would tell them if they did a bad job or not. Nevertheless, the majority felt that they could discuss concerns with their supervisors.
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One of the main issues, which kept coming up, was that of union relations. The minors felt stuck between their union’s expectations versus those of their employer. They have a hard time understanding their union contract, and they would like to avoid strikes in settling on a new contract, despite the pattern seen in the industry overall. Clearly, they
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MG 655MIdermFinal - MG 655 Midterm Final Managerial...

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