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MG665 Managerial Communication Lesson #5 Assignment #1 Answer the following questions concerning the case "The Timken Company." Your response should be both thorough and succinct; be sure to use correct spelling and grammar. 1. What key messages does The Timken Company need to send to its workforce? The Timken Company needs to communicate the challenges the company is facing through continued global competition. They are losing money for the first time and cannot compete with the wages of overseas nations such as Korea. They expect more lay offs to occur, and they are going through a corporate restructuring. They also need to show that they are sacrificing too as employees have grown tired of being the ones “taking one for the team.” The majority on the communications committee felt that the company’s business objectives should be supported including either holding the line or reducing costs, protecting management while being fair to employees, and avoiding a strike. These messages are particularly challenging because the workers had granted significant concessions with the last contract a few years earlier . The company had a firmer approach on union negotiations at that time, but that is expected to change. Before the troubled times of the early 1980s, steel workers had plentiful hours and high wages. They do not want to take yet another cut. On the other hand, they need to know that the global competition is not Timken’s fault. 2. Does The Timken Company need to change its management or its communication
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MG655L5A1 - MG665 Managerial Communication Lesson #5...

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